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Whether it being a Clairvoyant to the living or a conduit to the other side, Michael B has always known he was “different.”  Rather than ignoring or being tentative of the gifts that have been entrusted to him, he has instead, chosen to embrace them and make them a part of his daily life.

With all of the “paranormal investigators” out there who seem to “effortlessly” communicate with spirits, whether true or false, Michael B has taken an alternative approach.  He chooses to not necessarily seek out an encounter but instead lets them (or you) find him.  Confident that wherever he goes, his watchers follow in the shadows. This allows Michael B the opportunity to live his life knowing there will always be a story to tell.  With that Terror Talk has ensued.

Terror Talk now gives you the chance to get the honest answers you may (or may not) be looking for.  Either way you should be prepared to receive the truth. 

Michael B’s podcast focuses mainly on the living's experiences with the un-living.  He will also delve into some local urban legends that we have all seen and heard about and confirm the verity of such. 



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Host Michael B 

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Co-Host Tyla

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