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Do you hear noises in your home?  Do you feel like you're being watched?  Have you seen someone or something you can't explain?  Is someone in your home acting different in a unexplainable way?  Bought a new house and something doesn't feel right?  Michael B and his Team of Investigators  [The Terror Talk Guardians] are no strangers to the needs of the paranormal.  

Michael B is the Host of NJ's Newest Paranormal Podcast Series, Terror Talk.  Michael B's goal is to bring you the truth behind the investigations.  Social Media is flooded with pictures and videos of so called "ghosts".  The Guardians will come out with state of the art equipment to not only identify the entity but find out the reason for its disruption.  With the help of gifted Mediums, The Guardians can help the entities find peace and move on.

Don't be embarrassed to contact us and explain it all exactly as you've experienced.  There is nothing out there these guys can't handle.



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